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  • Mar 7, 2007: ServStats available
  • Feb 27, 2007: ServStats available
  • Feb 20, 2007: ServStats available
  • Feb 14, 2007: ServStats available
  • Sep 27, 2006: ServStats 0.2.0 available
  • Sep 19, 2006: ServStats 0.1.3 available
  • Sep 1, 2006: ServStats 0.1.2 available
  • Aug 25, 2006: ServStats 0.1.1 available

ServStats for Firefox

by George Lee <>
Feb 20, 2007

ServStats is a Firefox extension that lets users share statistics about web server connectivity and diagnose network failures. When a network failure occurs, ServStats automatically diagnoses the failure by performing automated tests and communicating with diagnostic agents in other parts of the Internet. In addition, ServStats provides you with statistics about the number of times other people have attempted to connect to a server, the average latency and rate of failure for that server, and more. Note that in order to provide diagnosis and statistics, ServStats collects certain information about the web sites you visit and failures that occur. Please see the FAQ for more details.

ServStats is part of the CAPRI architecture for fault diagnosis and is related to the Knowledge Plane research project at MIT. Our objective is to provide a platform for exchanging network knowledge and data and performing probabilistic reasoning. ServStats is the first step towards a system for automatically diagnosing network failures using data from users and diagnostic agents.

Download current version:
ServStats for Firefox (Mar 7, 2007)

To install ServStats:

  1. Click on the link for the latest version above. Firefox will display a message under the toolbar saying that it prevented from installing software on your computer.
  2. Click the "Edit Options" button.
  3. Click the "Allow" button and then the "Close" button to allow the installation of extensions from
  4. Click the "Download" link above again. A dialog should appear asking you if you wish to install the ServStats Firefox extension.
  5. Click the "Install" button. Firefox will then ask you to restart Firefox.
  6. Restart firefox, and you should see the "View ServStats" button in the status bar. When network failures occur, the ServStats toolbar will also appear and automatically diagnose failures. Right click on the "View ServStats" button for more options.

The servstats project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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