Mar 7, 2007

ServStats is now available. This fixes a number of bugs on Mac OS. This version also contains some UI improvements, including changing the ServStats statusbar button to a label and providing more feedback when loading stats.

Mar 4, 2007

ServStats has been approved for download on You may have noticed that stats and diagnosis were rather slow for a few days due to the influx of new users. In response, I've made a number of performance improvements in the backend diagnostic agents that collect and compute stats and diagnose failures. As a result, diagnosis and stats should be much faster than before. Look for some UI enhancements in the next version of ServStats, coming soon.

Feb 27, 2007

ServStats available. This fixes a few minor bugs, including selecting among multiple regional agents, inaccurate progress indicators in the toolbar, localized dates in Firefox 3.0, and displaying certain types of stats.

Feb 20, 2007

ServStats available. This is mainly a bug fix release. UI changes include the throbber when diagnosing failures, removing unused stats properties from the ServStats response dialog, and localized date strings. Bug fixes include better support for multiple diagnostic agents, and the "View ServStats" button should no longer sometimes display stats for the wrong page now.

Feb 14, 2007

Version of ServStats is now available. This version adds the capability to automatically diagnose network failures when they occur. The ServStats diagnostic agent performs a number of diagnostic tests, including probes to know good destinations and DNS lookups. Using this information, the diagnostic agent then uses Bayesian inference to compute the most likely cause of failure and displays it in the toolbar. If the confidence of diagnosis is insufficient, the diagnostic agent also communicates with a regional diagnostic agent to collect additional data about the failure using traceroutes, DNS lookups, and more. Note that in order to perform diagnosis, the ServStats toolbar collects certain information about your system and communicates it with other diagnostic agents. See the FAQ for more details.

Sep 27, 2006

Version 0.2.0 of ServStats is now available. This version performs a diagnostic probe on every failure to help determine whether a failure is due to a local network problem or not. When a network failure occurs, ServStats attempts to connect to a known good diagnostic agent. If this probe succeeds, then the original failure was probably not a local problem. Conversely, if the probe fails, then it's likely that the user has a network connectivity issue. Soon I'll add such diagnostic information to the server stats.

Sep 19, 2006

I've released version 0.1.3 of ServStats and submitted it for approval at Firefox Add-ons. It fixes a few bugs having to do with latency calculations and the response dialog. You can download it at the Installation page.

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and installed ServStats; I'm currently looking at how I can use the data I'm collecting to provide some useful diagnostic information. For example, you may have noticed that some web sites fail much more frequently than others; therefore a failure in connecting to such a web site is much more likely due to a failure at the web server than in the network or at the user. I've also been making some tweaks to the backend diagnostic agent to improve performance as the number of ServStats users increases. Stay tuned for more features and improvements!

Sep 5, 2006

Some of you may have noticed that the connection counts were reset today. I made some changes to the way the Diagnostic Agent stores statistics in the database. This should improve the performance and scalability of ServStats. As more people use ServStats, the accuracy and usefulness of the data it provides will continue to improve.

A new client version 0.1.2 is available now. This new version fixes a bug with opening new tabs (as the Gmail notifier does) and adds timestamping and versioning to diagnostic requests to help correct for inaccurate clocks on your computer. I also adjusted the formatting of the responses to so that it hopefully looks a little better on your screen.

At the moment I'm working on adding several new features to ServStats:

  1. Distributed Diagnostic Agents to improve scalability and robustness.
  2. Diagnostic reasoning using Bayesian networks to identify the cause of errors when they occur.

Let me know if you find any bugs or have any feature suggestions!

The servstats project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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